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cod. C477LP

€ 359.00

Condizioni: NUOVO

DETTAGLIO: Resistant to moisture, perspiration, and salts Ruler-flat frequency response Dual-diaphragm transducer for suppression of cable noise Compatible to all popular wireless transmitters The new AKG C 477 WR has been designed for performers working hard in the heat of the spotlights. Owing to its small size it is the perfect choice for "hidden" use on stage or o n camera, where absolute mobility and excellent audio are required. Extremely small omnidirectional lavalier microphone. The patented dual-diaphragm capsule has been designed specifically to protect the transducer from moisture and perspiration. The capsule uses two vertical diaphragms mounted back to back and connected out of phase to cancel out mechanical and cable noise, etc. The C 477 WR uses a sturdy metal headband that ensures an exceptionally stable fit and provides increased output level as it allows the microphone to be placed very close to the user's mouth. Finally, you'll love the sound of this microphone and its compatibility with all popular wireless transmitters. (COLOR CARNE)

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